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About Bank of America Stadium

Bank of America Stadium

Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, is the Bank of America Stadium - 33 acres of pure football love and home of the Panthers. More than football games, this venue hosts FIFA matches, concerts, and many other events.


The History

The Bank of America Stadium, previously known as the Carolina’s Stadium, opened its doors on September 1, 1996. The stadium’s architectural features are simply unique and its enormous entrances sporting the Ravens blue and silver colors are astounding. Although the surrounding area is filled with lush forests, the stadium is thought to resemble the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum along with Soldier Field. With a capacity of 75,523, the Bank of America Stadium looks more like a fortress than a sporting venue, partly because of the six impressive panther statues crouching, the largest sculptures to ever be commissioned within the United States.

At the time of construction, the Bank of America Stadium was considered to be one of the best stadiums in the NFL, but the title got lost over the years because it lacked technical equipment. So, in 2014 the stadium got upgraded with an improved sound system, better monitors, more seats, LED-enhanced glass domes and the tallest ribbon boards in the NFL.

Besides being home to the Panthers, the Bank of America Stadium annually hosts the Belk Bowl - which features teams from the ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) and the SEC (Southeastern Conference) - and soccer games, mainly international matches. Other than sporting events, there are concerts sprinkled throughout the year taking place at the stadium. The Rolling Stones, Tim McGraw, Billy Graham, and Kenny Chesney to name a few have all performed at the Bank of America Stadium.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Bank of America Stadium located?

Bank of America Stadium is located in uptown Charlotte, North Carolina.


What kind of events does Bank of America Stadium host?

Bank of America Stadium events consists mainly of sporting events such as football and soccer, both professional and college level. However, the venue also holds many music events. 


Which team is playing at Bank of America Stadium?

The Carolina Panthers (NFL) call this stadium home.


Where can I park for free at Bank of America Stadium?

Official Bank of America Stadium parking lots are available to season ticket holders only and must be purchased ahead of time. Luckily, other fans attending Bank of America Stadium sporting events can find parking in one of the many lots and garages located within a 15-minute walk of the stadium. There are over 30,000 parking spaces available for as low as $11 and can be as high as $35. 


What is the seating capacity of Bank of America Stadium?

Bank of America Stadium events can host up to 75,523 fans.


Who owns Bank of America Stadium?

The stadium is owned by Panthers Stadium LLC. 


How do I get to Bank of America Stadium using public transport?

Fans wishing to avoid the hassle of parking can hop on the city’s tram to the Stonewall station, which is located right by the stadium. Also, The LYNX Blue Line offers fast, quiet, convenient light-rail service for Bank of America Stadium sporting events. Stops at the Carson, Stonewall and Convention Center stations to arrive within blocks of the stadium.