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About Mets vs. Mariners

Mets vs Mariners Tickets

If you look at a map, you won’t find the New York Mets and Seattle Mariners anywhere near each other. However, their baseball histories are remarkably similar. Both have long been underachievers and underdogs but have fanbases that never seem to give up hope. Thanks to interleague play, we occasionally get to see the Mets and Mariners cross paths, giving both long-suffering fanbases a chance to see another team that can commiserate with their story.

Mets vs Mariners

To be fair, the Mets have won the World Series in 1969 and 1986 and made a few other appearances over the years. However, they never seem to live up to expectations. Nevertheless, the Mets have a loyal fanbase that’s always optimistic and hopeful. Plus, Mets’ fans get to enjoy one of the most underrated stadiums in the majors. Citi Field is packed with amenities and is also visually stunning, as it pays homage to many of the old baseball stadiums in the history of New York baseball.

Meanwhile, a championship continues to elude the Mariners. Even when they set a record for 116 wins during the 2001 regular season, Seattle couldn’t keep it going and reach the World Series. The disappointment of that season began a long playoff drought that turned the Mariners into one of the most overlooked teams in the majors. On the bright side, the Mariners have given their fans a first-class stadium to enjoy. T-Mobile Park has a retractable roof to protect fans from the Seattle rain. In addition, the venue has statues and a museum to honor the history of baseball in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

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