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Seattle Mariners at Miami Marlins
7:10 PMloanDepot park
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Seattle Mariners at Miami Marlins
4:10 PMloanDepot park
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Seattle Mariners at Miami Marlins
1:40 PMloanDepot park
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About Marlins vs. Mariners

Mariners vs Marlins Tickets

There are no two teams in baseball further apart geographically than the Seattle Mariners and the Miami Marlins. In a way, that’s what makes every game between these teams a special occasion. Plus, while their geographic differences might be hard to ignore, the Mariners and Marlins have a lot more in common than most fans realize. Both understand the struggles of trying to win consistently. And both franchises always seem to have young and exciting talent on the field, making every Mariners-Marlins game worth the price of admission regardless of what team traveled 3,000 miles to be there.

Mariners vs Marlins

The Marlins surely have a unique history, as they won two World Series titles before even winning a division title. At times, they’ve been able to rebuild their roster with an incredible amount of talent. But there have been other times when they didn’t get quite enough players to compete for another championship. Nevertheless, Miami’s roster is always among the youngest in the majors, so there is always a lot of talent and potential in Miami, making the Marlins a team to watch closely. If that’s not enough, the home run sculpture, bobblehead museum, and other unique features of LoanDepot Park make it a great destination for baseball fans regardless of where the Marlins sit in the standings.

Seattle’s baseball history isn’t all that different. The Mariners set a single-season record by winning 116 games in 2001, making the franchise an unforgettable part of baseball history. Yet, sustaining success has been difficult, despite being the home of star players like Ken Griffey Jr., Randy Johnson, and Ichiro Suzuki. Fortunately, that has never discouraged the Mariners or their fans. With T-Mobile Park, fans know they have a retractable roof to protect them from the rain while also being able to enjoy the team Hall of Fame and the Baseball Museum of the Pacific Northwest every time they go to a game.

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Miami Marlins Schedule and Ticket Prices

DateCityVenueLowest Price
6/21MiamiloanDepot park$1
6/22MiamiloanDepot park$2
6/23MiamiloanDepot park$1