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About Lions vs. Steelers

Steelers vs Lions Tickets

It’d be a little hard to argue that the Pittsburgh Steelers and Detroit Lions have a storied rivalry. But there is something special about this matchup whenever it finds itself on the NFL schedule. For starters, the two cities are closer than people realize. Also, both cities are blue-collar manufacturing towns, which connects Pittsburgh and Detroit. Plus, they have been known to mix it up every now and then. Even if the head-to-head meetings are few and far between, every game between the Steelers and Lions should be considered a special occasion for fans on both sides.

Steelers vs Lions

The other thing to recognize about the relationship between the Steelers and Lions is that the two have been playing for a long time, even if they meet infrequently. Both teams have roots that go back to the 1930s, and both have had sustained periods of success. For the Lions, that period was during the 1950s and a little bit during the 90s. For the Steelers, they owned the 1970s and came alive again in the 90s for an extended run of success that has stretched deep into the 21st century. 

On the bright side, both the Steelers and Lions have great stadiums to host fans from both sides. Heinz Field in Pittsburgh is located right where the city’s three rivers converge near the city’s downtown area. Also, it has long provided one of the most raucous atmospheres in the NFL, with fans waving their terrible towels. Oddly enough, Ford Field in Detroit is also located close to the banks of a river, not to mention its ideal downtown location that is always able to attract fans.

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