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San Francisco Giants Tickets
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Giants vs. Nationals Tickets

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About Giants vs. Nationals

Giants vs Nationals Tickets

For two teams on opposite sides of the country that only play a handful of times a year, the San Francisco Giants and Washington Nationals have a lot of history with one another. Like a lot of great rivalries, it started with a very memorable postseason series. But things didn’t end there, as the tension and animosity between the Giants and Nationals continued to grow. Nowadays, every Giants-Nats game is a matchup that fans on both sides can look forward to watching.

Giants vs Nationals

For the Giants and Nats, it all started with the 2014 NLDS. This series was as close and competitive as any playoff series in recent years. Both teams scored a total of nine runs over the four games with three of the four games being decided by a single run. That includes Game 2, which lasted 18 innings and took over six hours to complete, making it the longest postseason game in MLB history. Eventually, the Giants survived the series and went on to win the World Series. But things were far from over. That playoff series planted a ticking time bomb that went off in 2017 when the Nats and Giants engaged in one of the most violent brawls in recent memory. It’ll be a long time until the memory of that brawl fades, ensuring the Giants and Nats will be rivals for many years to come.

Fortunately, fans on both sides of the rivalry are able to enjoy a beautiful setting for every Giants-Nats game. In San Francisco, Oracle Park is located on the banks of San Francisco Bay, which means it offers cool breezes and spectacular views of the water and the Oakland skyline on the other side of the bay. Meanwhile, Nationals Park offers some fans a view of the capitol while also becoming one of the most visited parks in the majors, creating a great atmosphere for every game.

Finding Cheap Giants vs Nationals Tickets

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Whether you want San Francisco Giants Tickets for a visit to Oracle Park or you’d prefer Washington Nationals tickets for a game at Nationals Park, we can set you up with the tickets you want. Just pick out the day that you want to see these teams play, and we’ll make sure you find the cheapest Giants vs Nationals tickets on the market.