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Washington Commanders vs Giants Tickets

The NFL seems to have a policy when it comes to rivalries: the older, the better. If that’s the case, then rivalries don’t get much better than the one between the New York Giants and Washington Commanders. These two franchises have been going at it since the 1930s, making it the oldest rivalry in the NFC East, which is a division in which every team is a hated rival of every other team. In other words, it’s always a big deal when the Giants and Washington Commanders get together.

Washington Commanders vs Giants

With nearly a century of history between them, it’s tough to pinpoint just one moment in the Giants-Washington Commanders rivalry that sticks out. After all, the two teams are closing in on 200 all-time meetings. Every generation of fans has moments in this rivalry that they remember more than others. However, the 1980s may have been the most contentious period in this rivalry, as both seemed to have championship-caliber teams almost every year. Things came to ahead in the 1986 season when the Giants and Washington Commanders met in the NFC Championship Game, a 17-0 win for New York on their way to their first Super Bowl title in franchise history.

Nowadays, things remain heated between New York and Washington, in part because the cities are close enough for fans to invade the other team’s home turf. It’s common to see a healthy section of Giants fans at FedEx Field for a Washington Commanders home game. Of course, Washington Commanders fans will respond in kind by heading north to MetLife Stadium and making their presence known.

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