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About Eagles vs. Titans

Eagles vs Titans Tickets

Whenever two teams rarely meet, there always seems to be something special when they finally cross paths. Take the Philadelphia Eagles and Tennessee Titans, for example. Since they play in different conferences, they are only scheduled to play one another once every four years. It almost becomes a novelty for each team’s fanbase when they welcome the other one to town. In a weird way, it makes an Eagles-Titans game a must-see because you never know when it’ll come around again.


Eagles vs Titans

While the history between the Eagles and Titans is limited, it’s a bit of an anomaly. Back when the Titans were known as the Houston Oilers, they couldn’t beat Philadelphia if the sake of the franchise depended on it. During their time in Houston, the Oilers were 0-6 against the Eagles. However, the tide has turned since the move to Tennessee, as the Titans have won five of their six head-to-head meetings with the Eagles since the year 2000. It’s a rather perplexing trend, to say the least.

The other trend in the Eagles-Titans series is having great crowds and a first-class stadium. Nissan Stadium has provided a wonderful home for the Titans since 1999, in part because of its close proximity to downtown Nashville and all that the city has to offer beyond football. Meanwhile, Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia has long been home to some of the rowdiest and most passionate fans in football, creating an amazing game-day environment for every Eagles home game.


Finding Cheap Eagles vs Titans Tickets

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