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About Eagles vs. Steelers

Steelers vs Eagles Tickets

There aren’t too many NFL rivalries in which bragging rights in an entire state is up for grabs. But the Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers is one of those rivalries. Granted, the teams play in different conferences and the two cities are separated by more than 300 miles. However, those differences actually add more intensity to the rivalry, especially since they only meet every few years, meaning the winner gets to hold onto Pennsylvania bragging rights for quite a while.


Steelers vs Eagles 

In addition to being an in-state rivalry, the Eagles and Steelers have one of the oldest rivalries in the NFL. Most people don’t realize that they used to play twice a year before the AFL-NFL merger put the Steelers and Eagles in separate conferences. They also might not know that the two teams merged into one team called the Steagles in 1943. It’s crazy but true for two franchises that are now bitter rivals.

Until fans on both sides get that long-awaited Steelers-Eagles Super Bowl, it’s nice to know that both teams have wonderful stadiums whenever the two teams cross paths. The Steelers have Heinz Field, who is almost always sold out and filled with fans waving “Terrible Towels.” Meanwhile, the Eagles have Lincoln Financial Field, which is home to some of the most raucous and passionate fans in the NFL. Both stadiums surely help to make the 300-mile trip for fans of the opposing team worthwhile.


Finding Cheap Steelers vs Eagles Tickets

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