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About Diamondbacks vs. Phillies

Phillies vs Diamondbacks Tickets

Outside of each having a little red in their team colors, there aren’t many similarities between the Philadelphia Phillies and Arizona Diamondbacks. The two teams don’t share a lot of geography or even history. However, opposites do sometimes attract in sports, which is why the Phillies and Diamondbacks make for an attractive matchup. Fortunately, fans have two series every year, one in Philly and one in Phoenix, to take in this unique matchup. 

Phillies vs Diamondbacks

As a franchise that played its inaugural season in 1998, the D’Backs are a little short on history. However, the D’backs have managed to do a lot more than people realize in such a short time. After all, this is a franchise that made the playoffs in its second season of existence and won a World Series just four years into its history. While success has been hard to sustain since those early years, nobody can deny Arizona’s early achievements. Plus, fans still have Chase Field to keep them shielded from the desert heat and give them a great environment for enjoying baseball games.

Meanwhile, the Phillies have a much longer history than the D’backs, as they’ve existed in one form or another since the 1880s. Like any team that’s been around for that long, the Phillies have had their share of droughts, including not winning a World Series for the first time until 1980. However, Philadelphia has always loved its baseball team, and that shows for every fan that’s ever visited Citizens Bank Park, which has some of the best food of any pro sports venue and incredible amenities that can’t be matched anywhere else. 

Finding Cheap Phillies vs Diamondbacks Tickets

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