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Chiefs vs. Seahawks Tickets

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About Chiefs vs. Seahawks

Chiefs vs Seahawks Tickets

In 2002, the NFL put the Seattle Seahawks in the unique position of switching from the AFC to the NFC. With the change came a whole new set of rivals for the Seahawks. However, it’s impossible to forget the two decades that Seattle spent in the AFC West and the rivalries they developed during that time, specifically the one with the Kansas City Chiefs. While the Seahawks only see the Chiefs every few years, it’s still a special occasion and an intense game whenever the two teams cross paths.


Chiefs vs Seahawks

When the two teams played in the AFC West together, the Chiefs would regularly get the better of the Seahawks. At one point in the 1990s, Kansas City won 14 of 15 head-to-head meetings with Seattle. Of course, that just motivates the Seahawks to settle the score with Kansas City, even though they’re no longer fighting each other for playoff spots or AFC West supremacy. It also helps that Seattle had instant success in the NFC West, winning eight division titles in their first 15 years after the switch.

Despite no longer sharing a division, one thing that the Chiefs and Seahawks still have in common is that both have intimidating home stadiums. Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City has long been known as one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL and has even gone into the Guinness Book of World Records for crowd noise. However, that record was briefly broken by CenturyLink Field in Seattle, where the no. 12 has been retired to honor the impact fans have on games whenever the Seahawks play at home.


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