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About Cardinals vs. Broncos

Broncos vs Cardinals Tickets

Even if they don’t play in the same conference, it’s always interesting to see NFL teams from the western part of the country square off. Teams like the Denver Broncos and Arizona Cardinals don’t have a lot of close geographic rivals, but the fact that both teams are located out west helps connect them. Unfortunately, the Broncos have dominated this series historically, and so, a bonafide rivalry has never formed between Arizona and Denver. But the two cities have rivalries in other sports, which should get fans excited every few years when the Broncos and Cardinals are scheduled to play one another.

Broncos vs Cardinals

Of course, it doesn’t take much for Broncos fans to get excited. This is one of the proudest franchises in NFL history, as the Broncos have gone to more Super Bowls than almost any other team. Denver is truly a city that goes crazy for football, which is why Empower Field at Mile High has become one of the best home-field advantages in the NFL. In addition to elevation bothering visiting teams, Empower Field is almost always sold out and as boisterous as any other stadium around the league.

The Cards have a long and storied history that dates back over a century to when the franchise was located in Chicago. After relocating a couple of times, the Cards have found a welcoming home in Arizona and have had some of the best seasons in franchise history during the 21st century after settling in the desert. Since 2006, State Farm Stadium has proven to be a great home venue for the Cards, not to mention one of the most important venues in all of American sports, hosting college bowl games, Final Fours, and more.

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