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Atlanta Braves at Colorado Rockies
6:40 PMCoors Field
FROM $12+


Atlanta Braves at Colorado Rockies
6:10 PMEzequiel Tovar JerseyCoors Field
FROM $19+


Atlanta Braves at Colorado Rockies
1:10 PMCoors Field
FROM $17+


Colorado Rockies at Atlanta Braves
7:20 PMMurphy "Two Thumbs Up" BobbleTruist Park
FROM $12+


Colorado Rockies at Atlanta Braves
7:20 PMTruist Park
FROM $17+


Colorado Rockies at Atlanta Braves
7:20 PMTruist Park
FROM $10+

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About Braves vs. Rockies

Rockies vs Braves Tickets

Being one of the youngest teams in the majors, the Colorado Rockies have sometimes had trouble establishing fierce rivalries with other teams. While it may not fit the definition of a true rivalry, the Rockies do have a rather interesting relationship with the Atlanta Braves. The two franchises could not be more different in terms of history and location, but they did share a division during Colorado’s inaugural season and have played plenty of memorable games over the years.


Rockies vs Braves

The most memorable series between the Rockies and Braves came during the 1995 NLDS, which was the playoff debut for the Rockies in just their third year of existence. The series provided non-stop entertainment with runs being scored in the final inning of each of the first three games. Despite leading in all four games, the upstart Rockies struggled to close out games, ultimately losing the series in four games to the Braves, who used the series as the first stepping stone on their way to winning the World Series.

In addition to providing plenty of entertainment on the field, the Rockies and Braves both have two of the most enjoyable home stadiums in baseball. SunTrust Park in Atlanta is one of the newest stadiums in the majors and is at the cutting edge of technology inside sporting venues. Meanwhile, Coors Field offers fans a beautiful stadium in a prime downtown location that almost always produces plenty of offense.


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Atlanta Braves Schedule and Ticket Prices

DateCityVenueLowest Price
8/9DenverCoors Field$12
8/10DenverCoors Field$19
8/11DenverCoors Field$17
9/3AtlantaTruist Park$12
9/4AtlantaTruist Park$17
9/5AtlantaTruist Park$10