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About Bears vs. Jets

Bears vs Jets Tickets

Since they play in different conferences, it’s a somewhat rare occurrence for the Chicago Bears and New York Jets to cross paths. The good news is that it’s guaranteed to happen at least every four years. But somehow, that’s not enough for two of the most popular teams in the league and two of the most passionate fanbases in pro sports. With meetings between the Jets and Bears being so rare, fans on both sides should jump at every opportunity they get to see these two iconic franchises share the same field.

Bears vs Jets

With the Jets being involved in so many memorable moments, fans sometimes forget that they’ve only been around since 1960. There’s also no getting around the fact that huge chunks of that history have been filled with losing at the frustration of a dedicated fanbase. Of course, the Jets can always look back at Joe Namath and the team’s triumph in Super Bowl III when they need a pick-me-up. If that’s not enough, they play in one of the best venues in the NFL, as MetLife Stadium has all of the bells and whistles that fans could ever want.

As for the Bears, they’ve been a pro franchise for one a century, making them one of the oldest teams in the NFL. Much like the Jets, the Bears have experienced plenty of losing, which is almost unavoidable for a franchise this old. However, the 1930s, 40s, and 80s have all been periods of triumph for Chicago, helping to produce nearly a dozen championships. The Bears can also take pride in playing in the NFL’s oldest stadium, with Soldier Field still going strong as it opened in 1924 and has been the home of the Bears since 1971.

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