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About Bears vs. Giants

Bears vs Giants Tickets

Few rivalries in the NFL come attached with more history than the one between the Chicago Bears and New York Giants. Neither is one another’s biggest rival nowadays. However, these two teams have been going at it on the football field since 1925. They are undoubtedly one another’s oldest rival, and that still carries weight today whenever the Bears and Giants meet one another on the gridiron.


Bears vs Giants

Most people don’t realize that Giants and Bears actually played in the first-ever NFL Championship Game way back in 1993. Both teams won their division with the Bears scoring a late touchdown to knock off the Giants 23-21. They met again in the NFL Championship Game the following year, this time with the Giants taking home the title with a 30-13 win. That was just the start of a rivalry that has lasted for decades and seen many games turn into timeless classics. Even after all of these years, every Giants-Bears game adds another chapter to a great rivalry.

Luckily for the Giants and Bears, both franchises have a stadium worthy of hosting such a historic rivalry. The Bears still play in Soldier Field, which has been their home since 1971 and is the oldest stadium in the NFL. Naturally, it has been the site of many memorable moments in this rivalry. On the other end of the spectrum, the Giants have one of the newer stadiums in the NFL. MetLife Stadium opened in 2010 as the most expensive stadium ever built. Fortunately, it offers the kind of amenities and fan experience to justify such a price tag and is still considered one of the best sports venues in the world.


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