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Angels vs. Blue Jays Tickets

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About Angels vs. Blue Jays

Angels vs Blue Jays Tickets

They may be on opposite sides of the continent and have two completely different climates and fan experiences, but every game between the Los Angeles Angels and Toronto Blue Jays holds plenty of appeal for fans on both sides. These are two of the younger franchises in the majors, and because they don’t meet that often, every game is a special occasion. Plus, since neither is usually considered a big spender, both teams usually have homegrown talent and always have something to prove, which tends to create competitive and compelling games.

Angels vs Blue Jays

The Angels, to some misfortune, have spent most of their history in the shadow of the Dodgers. It took them over 40 years to win their first playoff series, but when they did, they ended up winning the World Series. However, the Halos haven’t always had the best of luck when it comes to wins and losses. On the bright side, the franchise has always had star players with multiple Angels winning league MVP honors, most notably Mike Trout. The club also keeps fans coming back to Angel Stadium of Anaheim, which has long been known for its charm and atmosphere. 

The Blue Jays have a similar history. Toronto never won a postseason series until 1992 when the Blue Jays won the first of back-to-back World Series titles. While the era after the two titles was a rough one for the franchise, the Blue Jays started to come alive again during the 2010s, reinvigorating a loyal fanbase. The Blue Jays also have a beautiful home stadium in the Rogers Centre, which is located in the middle of downtown Toronto, includes a retractable roof, and offers fans a magnificent view of the CN Tower.

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