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Athletics vs Angels Tickets

It usually doesn’t take much for two teams in the same division to generate some animosity for one another. That’s exactly what’s happened in recent years with the Los Angeles Angels and Oakland Athletics. The two sides were friendly enough for many years, but things have started to heat up in recent years for the two clubs from opposite ends of the state of California. Both teams fancy themselves as contenders in the AL West nowadays, making every game between them a meaningful affair.


Angels vs Athletics

For most of the 21st century, both the Angels and Athletics have been contenders inside the AL West. Both sides have won at least a handful of division titles during the current century, often at the expense of the other team that finished second or third. Whether they’re played early in the season in April or down the stretch in September, there are usually high stakes for at least one team during every Angels-Athletics game, which cranks up the intensity level for every head-to-head meeting.

It also helps that both teams have a home stadium where fans always seem to show up to root against division foes. The A’s have the Oakland Coliseum, which has one of the largest seating capacities in the majors and is always filled to the brim when the team is playing a meaningful game. Meanwhile, the Halos have the aptly named Angel Stadium, their longtime home that remains a fan favorite despite being one of the oldest stadiums in the big leagues.


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