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White Sox vs. Twins Tickets

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About White Sox vs. Twins

White Sox vs Twins Tickets

For well over a century, the Chicago White Sox and Minnesota Twins have been in direct competition with one another. Both teams joined the American League in 1901. They both played in the West division from 1969 to 1993 and then moved to the Central division in 1994. With that much history and competition between the two teams, it’s impossible not to consider the White Sox and Twins rivals, which cranks up the intensity level just a little when they face off head-to-head.


White Sox vs Twins

During the early years of the 21st century, the rivalry between the White Sox and Twins started to peak. The two were engaged in a tight race for the division crown in 2008, needing to play a 163rd game that season to decide the title. The White Sox won that game 1-0, sending the Twins home despite winning 88 games. Of course, the Twins ended up winning the AL Central the next two years with the White Sox fading into the background.

The close proximity between the Windy City and the Twin Cities also helps to fuel the White Sox-Twins rivalry. Fans from both sides are able to travel a little bit in order to see their team play in enemy territory. White Sox fans can head to Minneapolis to check out Target Field, which is one of the newest and most fan-friendly stadiums in the majors. Meanwhile, Twins fans have no doubt made many trips to Chicago to see games at Guaranteed Rate Field, which has gone through several renovations to keep it up to date compared to the newer stadiums around the big leagues.


Finding Cheap White Sox vs Twins Tickets

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