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About Target Field

Target Field

Quick, what’s the #1 baseball experience in all of America? Is it Yankee Stadium? Ebbetts Field? Fenway Park? Nope, not according to ESPN The Magazine. That honor, surprisingly, goes to none other than Target Field. That’s right, in 2010 this ballpark was saddled with the honor according to the mag, despite it being brand-spanking-new. What’s up with that? Read on!


The History of Target Field

Target Field opened in April of 2010, but the whole dramatic legacy of the ballpark getting built stretches back all the way to 1994. Apparently, the current baseball venue in Minneapolis, the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, was just not modern enough for the tastes of local baseball team owners. Yet it took another 16 years for Target Field to get built, thanks to a dispute over the price of the land the stadium was getting built on. Big surprise, right?


What Makes Target Field so Special?

Target Field features a new “retro-style” design that was inspired by Oriole Park in Camden Yards. It was actually designed by the same company in fact. But there are some major differences that make this ballpark ideal for its Minnesota location. You’ll never fear that midwestern weather at Target Field – you can get right to the venue since it’s got its own integrated train station, and both the viewing areas and even the playing field are heated. In other words, every single one of those 39,000-plus seats offers the ultimate in comfort, all without a fancy retractable roof like some other modern ballparks. Time to score some tickets, if you ask us!


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Target Field located?

Target Field is located in the North Loop district of downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota.


What kind of events does Target Field host?

Aside from the Twins, Target Field events range from football, soccer, and concerts. In fact, the venue has been a favorite for big-name musicians like Billy Joel, Paul McCartney, Def Leppard, Journey, and even the Eagles!


Which team is playing at Target Field?

Target Field is home to the Minnesota Twins (MLB).


Where can I park for free at Target Field?

There are 7,000 parking spaces at the official ramps surrounding the field. These spaces are reasonably priced ranging from $12 to $15 for Target Field events. Alternatively, if you don’t mind the walk, you can find a spot in public lots and garages in downtown Minneapolis for as low as $5. Also, downtown Minneapolis has established “Event Zones” with special metered parking rates on streets closest to the stadium charge $2.50 per hour, while fees on streets further away are only $1.50 per hour.


What is the seating capacity of Target Field?

As of 2019, the seating capacity for Target Field events is 38,544.


Who owns Target Field?

The Minnesota Ballpark Authority owns the venue.


How do I get to Target Field using public transport?

It’s very easy to attend Target Field events using public transportation. The MetroStation bus, METRO Blue Line and METRO Green Line all connect directly with the stadium and drop you off just a short walk away.

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