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Kansas City Royals Tickets
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Royals vs. Angels Tickets

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About Royals vs. Angels

Royals vs Angels Tickets

Nowadays, the Los Angeles Angels and Kansas City Royals play in separate divisions and only play a couple of series per year. But once upon a time, these two teams were the fiercest of rivals. From 1969 to 1993, both were members of the AL West, and there were plenty of years when they were the two best teams in that division. Even if some of the animosity between the two clubs has faded now that they’re in different divisions, the memory of that rivalry is hard to ignore.

Royals vs Angels

During the 11-year period from 1976 and 1986, this was the rivalry that defined the AL West. The Angels and Royals won nine of the 11 division titles during that time. For five of those nine years, the team that didn’t win the division finished second, each time with a margin of five games or less. That includes the 1985 season when the Royals finished just one game ahead of the Angels on their way to winning the World Series. In other words, nearly every game between the Angels and Royals during this period was an intense battle with high stakes, as the two sides grew accustomed to battling each other for AL West supremacy.

Things have changed a little since those days, but not everything. Both teams still play in the same ballpark. Despite its age, Angel Stadium of Anaheim continues to be an inviting home for the Angels. Meanwhile, Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City remains a picturesque ballpark on summer evenings, especially with the stadium’s famous waterfalls flowing during every game.

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