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About Rockies vs. Twins

Rockies vs Twins Tickets

When it comes to interleague play, not every matchup stands out. But one that fans tend to overlook is the Minnesota Twins and the Colorado Rockies. While these two franchises don’t share much history, the two cities are closer than most people imagine. Plus, Denver and Minneapolis have sports teams that rival one another in both the NBA and NHL, so there is some built-in animosity between the two fanbases. That tends to create some intriguing games whenever the Rockies and Twins are scheduled to play one another.

Rockies vs Twins

The Rockies are a franchise with a unique history. They made an improbable run to the World Series in 2007 but have struggled to find sustained success. At the same time, they’ve always had star players, and they always rank among the highest-scoring teams in baseball. The ball tends to fly out of Coors Field in a way that no other park can replicate. That means every game the Rockies play has a chance to become an entertaining slugfest, even if the Rox aren’t always on the winning side of things.

As for the Twins, they’ve had similar problems when it comes to finding sustained success. Outside of World Series titles in 1987 and 1991, the franchise has often gone long periods without getting anywhere close to a championship. But a funny thing happened around the turn of the century. The small-market Twins started to find a way to remain competitive most seasons without spending a lot of money. It hasn’t been easy for Minnesota by any stretch, but the Twins have managed to put together winning teams and keep their fanbase engaged. On top of that, Target Field in Minnesota has long been known throughout the majors as one of the league’s most fan-friendly venues.

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