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Cincinnati Reds Tickets
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Reds vs. Pirates Tickets

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About Reds vs. Pirates

Reds vs Pirates Tickets

It’s almost impossible these days to find two teams in the NL Central that don’t have some kind of disdain or animosity between them. The Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates are no different. It doesn’t even matter that these two teams are rarely battling it out against one another for the division crown, neither team likes the other, creating a rather heated rivalry.


Reds vs Pirates

Things had been heating up between the Reds and Pirates for several years when things finally boiled over with two bench-clearing incidents. During the second one, Cincinnati pitcher Amir Garrett, unappreciative of some chirping in his direction from the Pittsburgh dugout, confronted the Pirates by running toward their dugout and throwing a few punches. A raucous melee ensued that saw many punches thrown and took the umpires several minutes to get under control. The only thing both sides could agree on afterward is that neither will soon forget what happened.

The tension in the air whenever the Reds play the Pirates continues to this day. It doesn’t matter if the teams get together at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati or PNC Park in Pittsburgh. It feels like any little misunderstanding could light a spark and fan the flames of the rivalry between the Reds and Pittsburgh. Even if the two teams aren’t in contention and fighting for a playoff spot, it makes every game played between the two NL Central rivals a must-watch game for fans on both sides.


Finding Cheap Reds vs Pirates Tickets

If you’re hoping to find cheap Reds vs Pirates tickets so you can check out the rivalry in person, you’ve come to the right place. For all 19 games they play against each other every season, this is the place to find dates, times, and ticket prices. Both teams have beautiful ballparks that are usually filled, but with a little bit of help, there’s no reason why you can find good tickets at a fair price.

Whether you’re hoping to find Reds tickets for a game at Great American Ball Park or Pittsburgh Pirates tickets so you can check out PNC Park, we can help. All you have to do is let us know that you want to see the Reds play the Pirates, what stadium you want to visit, and what day works best for you. We’ll take care of the rest and get you the cheapest Reds vs Pirates tickets we can find.