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Boston Red Sox Tickets
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Red Sox vs. White Sox Tickets

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About Red Sox vs. White Sox

Red Sox vs White Sox Tickets

When it comes to the Boston Red Sox, no rivalry looms larger than the one with the New York Yankees. But there’s so much emphasis placed on that rivalry that we sometimes forget that the Red Sox even play other teams. Among the teams that the Red Sox face, yearly, is the Chicago White Sox. Not only do these two franchises have similar names, but they’ve played an interesting role in one another’s history.


Red Sox vs White Sox

Most fans will remember that the Red Sox had an epic championship drought that lasted from 1918 to 2004 and was accompanied by an alleged curse. But the White Sox endured a drought that was even longer. Chicago won the World Series in 1917, one year before Boston. The White Sox didn’t see that championship drought end until 2005, one year after the Red Sox famously broke their curse. Oddly enough, the White Sox swept the Red Sox in the ALDS in 2005, knowing off Boston as the first step on their way to their first championship in 88 years.

In addition to Red Sox and White Sox fans being able to relate when it comes to winning long-awaited titles, they can also sit back and enjoy great home stadiums. In all of baseball, there is almost no equivalent for Boston’s Fenway Park, which is rich in both history and character, making it a bucket list item for every baseball fan. While not quite as old, Chicago’s Guaranteed Rate Field offers a nice combination of modern amenities and a set of sculptures dedicated to some of the greatest figures in club history.


Finding Cheap Red Sox vs White Sox Tickets

If you’re interested in finding cheap Red Sox vs White Sox tickets, you’ve come to the right place. These teams meet several times a year, and for each of those games, this is the best place to find dates, times, and ticket prices. You’ll likely find cheaper ticket prices for a White Sox home game than you would for a game at Fenway Park. But with a little help, you should be able to find good tickets at a reasonable price for both stadiums.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer Red Sox tickets for a baseball pilgrimage to Fenway Park or you want White Sox tickets for a game at Guaranteed Rate Field in the Windy City. Either way, we’ll be able to help you get in the door at a great price. Just let us know what stadium you want to visit and what date you want to attend and we’ll take care of getting you the cheapest Red Sox vs White Sox tickets on the market.