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Boston Red Sox Tickets
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Red Sox vs. Mets Tickets

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About Red Sox vs. Mets

Mets vs Red Sox Tickets

In the annals of baseball history, there are few World Series games more memorable than Game 6 of the 1986 World Series between the New York Mets and Boston Red Sox. Everybody knows why that game was so special, and for better or worse, he has created a connection between the Mets and Red Sox that will last forever. Granted, it hasn’t turned the teams into bitter rivals, although the folks in Boston don’t look too kindly on any New York franchise. Nevertheless, it makes every game played between the Mets and Red Sox a special occasion and a reason to take a trip down memory lane.

Mets vs Red Sox

Even if you take away the wild ending in Game 6, the Mets and Red Sox put on a great show during the 1986 Fall Classic. It was just the second time that a team lost the first two games of the World Series at home and came back to win the series. Most fans also tend to forget that the Red Sox blew a chance to win Game 7 after taking an early 3-0 lead. As they did in Game 6, the Mets fought back against the odds to score eight runs over three runs to take Game 7 and extend Boston’s championship drought for another 18 years.

More than three decades later, the Mets and Red Sox still cross paths occasionally in two of MLB’s best venues. Of course, the Red Sox make their home at Fenway Park, which continues to be the oldest stadium in the majors. Naturally, it’s listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is filled to the brim with meaningful landmarks from the Green Monster to Pesky’s Pole. On the contrary, the Mets play at Citi Field, which is one of the newer venues in the big leagues. However, Citi Field does an amazing job of paying homage to New York’s baseball stadiums of the past, as its green seats pay homage to the Polo Grounds, while its facade is strikingly similar to Ebbets Field.

Finding Cheap Mets vs Red Sox Tickets

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