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Guardians vs. Rockies Tickets

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About Guardians vs. Rockies

Guardians vs Rockies

Interleague play in baseball has a habit of giving us some weird and wacky matchups. By far, one of the oddest matchups has to be the Colorado Rockies and Cleveland Guardians. There’s no sense of rivalry or animosity between the two teams. However, they are two of the more likable and entertaining teams in baseball, which means a game between the Guardians and Rockies is guaranteed to result in a great day at the ballpark.

Guardians vs Rockies

Win or lose, fans can always count on any game involving the Rockies having a lot of runs scored. Year after year, Colorado leads the National League in runs while the team’s pitching staff is usually near the top of the league in runs allowed. Obviously, the thin air at Coors Field contributes a lot to that. Of course, there is a lot more to Coors Field than high-scoring baseball games. The stadium also has a great downtown location, amazing views of the mountains, and a microbrewery behind the right-field stands.

As for their Guardians, they’re usually more focused on quality pitching than hitting. Of course, that tactic has been good to them, making Cleveland a contender in the AL Central more times than not for the past few decades. They also create a welcoming environment for fans at Progressive Field, which has a unique food selection and does a great job of paying homage to the history of the franchise. With an area called Kidsland, there is something at Progressive Field for baseball fans of all ages to enjoy.

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