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Chicago Cubs Tickets
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Cubs vs. Twins Tickets

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About Cubs vs. Twins

Twins vs Cubs Tickets

When Major League Baseball began interleague play, it made matchups that could only be possible previously in a World Series. One unlikely matchup we’ve seen is between the Minnesota Twins and Chicago Cubs. The two Midwestern franchises have both had their share of trouble reaching the Fall Classic throughout their history, and so thanks to interleague play, seeing the Cubs and Twins face one another is a regular although rare occurrence.


Twins vs Cubs

The cities of Chicago and Minneapolis are close enough that there should be some regional pride at stake when the Cubs and Twins meet. After all, the Twins have a longstanding rivalry inside the AL Central with the Chicago White Sox, so why not the Cubs as well? There should be similar excitement and tension for the Twins and Cubs, especially since they only play each other every few years.

Twins fans have no doubt ventured to the South Side of Chicago for games with the White Sox, but they should also seize any opportunity to stop by the North Side for a visit to Wrigley Field. The home of the Cubs should be on the bucket list of every baseball fan, right? Meanwhile, Minnesota’s Target Field will also make for a great destination for Cubs fans looking to support their favorite team on the road. It’s a great ballpark to give Cubs fans a little taste of what they’re missing by not having a newer ballpark.


Finding Cheap Twins vs Cubs Tickets

If you’re hoping to find cheap Twins vs Cubs tickets, look no further. This is the spot for dates, times, and prices every time the Cubs and Twins run into each other, especially if they end up meeting in the World Series one day. Of course, even for regular-season games, we can help you find a great seat.

The best part is that you can choose either Twins tickets for a game at Target Field or Cubs tickets for a trip to Wrigley Field. It doesn’t matter because we have you covered either way. Just let us know what date works best for you, and we’ll help you find the cheapest Twins vs Cubs tickets available.