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Chicago Cubs at Colorado Rockies
6:40 PMCoors Field
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Chicago Cubs at Colorado Rockies
1:10 PMCoors Field
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About Cubs vs. Rockies

Cubs vs Rockies Tickets

Since becoming a franchise in 1993, it’s been a little difficult for the Colorado Rockies to form rivalries with teams. They sit in a division in which two teams, the Dodgers and Giants, share a lot of history and a lot of hate while the other two teams, the Padres and Diamondbacks, don’t really bother anyone. However, the Rockies have somehow been able to forge a little bit of a rivalry with the Chicago Cubs. The two fan bases have close ties and a unique relationship, and some on-field tension in recent years has helped to turn the Cubs and Rockies into genuine rivals.


Cubs vs Rockies

Long before the Rockies were even conceived as a franchise, many Colorado sports fans rooted for the Cubs. They grew up with WGN broadcasting Cubs games in their living room most afternoons and learned to love the Cubbies for many of the star players that played on the north side of Chicago in the 1980s. Denver is also a city where a lot of Chicago transplants have ended up, so even when the Rockies were born in 1993, Cubs fandom maintained a large presence in the Rocky Mountains.

Fast forward to modern times and the Chicago Blue of Cubs jerseys can still be seen in large amounts sprinkled amidst the purple of Coors Field whenever the Cubs are in town. But the Rockies have failed to give into the Cubs on the field where it matters. The all-time series between the two teams is close to even. The Rockies have refused to allow their lack of home-field advantage against the Cubs, even in their home ballpark, stop them from giving the Cubbies a tough time between the lines.


Finding Cheap Cubs vs Rockies Tickets

For cheap Cubs vs Rockies tickets, look no further. Whether these teams get together at Coors Field or Wrigley Field, come here to learn everything you need to know about dates, time, and ticket prices. In general, tickets at Coors Field will be a little cheaper than a trip to historic Wrigley Field, although Cubs vs Rockies tickets will also be in high demand for games in Denver.

Whether you want cheap Cubs tickets for a game at Wrigley Field or want Colorado Rockies tickets so you can experience Coors Field, we’ve got you covered. Take all of the guesswork out of finding tickets and let us help you get the cheapest Cubs vs Rockies on the market.

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9/13DenverCoors Field$13
9/14DenverCoors Field$15
9/15DenverCoors Field$8