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About Cubs vs. Phillies

Phillies vs Cubs Tickets

There may not be a heated rivalry between the Chicago Cubs and Philadelphia Phillies, but the two teams are surely linked by virtue of being two of the most historic franchises in baseball. Both teams have distinct colors and jerseys that have become synonymous with the franchise. Most importantly, both the Phillies have existed in their current form for over a century. That’s over 100 years without any name changes, relocations, or any other major changes. That history and consistency from both the Cubs and Phillies make it a special occasion every time these two iconic franchises share a field.


Phillies vs Cubs

In addition to being among the oldest franchises in the majors, the Phillies and Cubs both share a lack of championships, especially considering how long they’ve been around. The Cubs, of course, had that long championship drought between 1908 and 2016 that was accompanied by an alleged curse. The Phillies, meanwhile, have just two World Series titles to their name, not winning their first until 1980, nearly a century after the franchise was born. In fact, the Phillies have fewer than 10 National League pennants, which is shocking for a team that’s been around since the 1800s.

One area where the Cubs and Phillies differ is their ballparks. The Cubs have refused to abandon historic Wrigley Field and build a modern stadium. Since 1916, the Cubs have made their home in the stadium famous for crazy wind patterns and ivy-covered walls. On the other hand, the Phillies have had multiple famous stadiums in their history. After using the multi-purpose Veterans Stadium for over three decades, the Phillies finally moved into a baseball-specific stadium in 2004 with the opening of Citizens Bank Park, which sits adjacent to the other major stadiums in the City of Brotherly Love.


Finding Phillies vs Cubs Tickets

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