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About Cubs vs. Padres

Cubs vs Padres Tickets

Sports fans, for whatever reason, often tend to have a soft spot for lovable losers. We just seem to have a thing for the underdog. In the baseball world, the Chicago Cubs and San Diego Padres are two franchises that embody the moniker of the lovable loser. Of course, both teams have had their fair share of success. However, both are far more accustomed to the role of struggling underdog, which makes for an interesting matchup whenever the Cubs and Padres share the diamond.


Cubs vs Padres

The Cubs finally broke their alleged curse in 2016 when they took home their first World Series trophy in over a century. But we all know there was a lot of losing in the decades before that, including a playoff drought that lasted nearly 40 years. During that time, they became the most lovable of losers. Fortunately for the Cubs, things have gotten better in recent years, and the team has become even more interesting to watch. Of course, the Cubs have one of the most iconic stadiums in baseball in Wrigley Field, which is a stadium every baseball fan must visit at least once.

The Padres haven’t been around nearly as long as the Cubs, but winning seasons have been just as rare. There have been a handful of years when the Padres came out of nowhere to win the NL West, and even a couple of years when the club reached the World Series. But for the most part, the Padres have been scrappy yet lovable throughout their history. The good news is, like the Cubs, they also have a ballpark that can bring in fans. Petco Park in San Diego is one of the most fan-friendly stadiums in the majors, offering far more than just a great place to watch a ball game.


Finding Cheap Cubs vs Padres Tickets

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