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Browns vs. Saints Tickets

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About Browns vs. Saints

Browns vs Saints Tickets

At first glance, the New Orleans Saints and Cleveland Browns would appear to have nothing in common. They play in different divisions, different conferences, and aren’t located near each other. However, the two fanbases actually have a lot in common in the sense that they understand trust misery and ineptness when it comes to their favorite team. It’s obviously not a great thing to have in common, but it does create a unique matchup whenever the two franchises and their fanbases cross paths.


Browns vs Saints

It’s hard to believe it now, but the Saints were once the laughing stock of the NFL. For the first 20 years of their history, New Orleans failed to record a winning season, much less make the playoffs. For a while, they were the team whose fans put paper bags over their heads. That, of course, is a familiar feeling for Browns fans, who have lived with a team that’s been downright embarrassing for most of the 21st century. Over half a dozen head coaches have tried and failed, and at one point, Cleveland won a total of four games over three seasons. It’s a weird way to find common ground, but Saints fans and Browns fans can surely commiserate with one another.

More importantly, Saints fans and Browns fans both know a thing or two about loyalty. No matter their team’s record, these fanbases always show up. Even during the team’s winless season in 2017, hopeful Browns fans continued to show up at FirstEnergy Stadium to cheer on their team. Things get even rowdier at the Superdome, where Saints fans have evolved from wearing paper bags on their heads to being among the most raucous and passionate in the NFL.


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