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Milwaukee Brewers Tickets
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Brewers vs. Twins Tickets

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About Brewers vs. Twins

Twins vs Brewers Tickets

Baseball is full of regional rivalries that only those fans who live in that part of the country can appreciate. One such example is the one between the Minnesota Twins and Milwaukee Brewers. These two cities are in bordering state, located just a few hundred miles apart, and carry on rivalries in other sports, most notably the Packers and Vikings in football. Sadly, it’s not the most intense rivalry that either team has, but when these two teams meet, it’s a great opportunity for fans of both teams to claim regional bragging rights.


Twins vs Brewers

It’s quite a shame that the Twins and Brewers aren’t bigger rivals. Despite being so close geographically, they spent only four seasons in the AL Central together from 1994 to 1997 until the Brewers moved to the National League. That wasn’t enough time to grow much animosity between the two. On the bright side, the Brewers are the closest team to the Twins geographically, which is why Major League Baseball has them meet every season as part of interleague play, which helps keep some semblance of a rivalry between Minnesota and Milwaukee alive.

The other silver lining is that both teams have a great home stadium for fans of the opposing team that want to make the trip. Miller Park in Milwaukee is full of attractions and traditions that extend far beyond the game, including the famous Sausage Race that takes place in the middle of the 6th inning of every game. Target Field in downtown Minneapolis is equally welcoming to fans and frequently ranked as one of the best baseball stadiums in the country.


Finding Cheap Twins vs Brewers Tickets

If you’d like to find cheap Twins vs Brewers, you’re on the right track. This is the best place to get dates, times, and ticket prices for every game involving these two teams. As this rivalry continues to grow, tickets will continue to be in high demand. Fortunately, we know a few tricks of the trade to help you get in the door at a good price.

The best part is that it doesn’t matter if you prefer Brewers tickets for a game at Miller Park or Twins tickets for a game at Target Field. Either way, all you have to do is pick out the date that works best for you, and we take care of finding the cheapest Twins vs Brewers tickets on the market.