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Atlanta Braves at New York Yankees
1:35 PMYankees Collectible Cup DayYankee Stadium
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About Braves vs. Yankees

Yankees vs Braves Tickets

Interleague play in baseball tends to give us a lot of funky matchups that just don’t look right from the outside. But the Atlanta Braves and New York Yankees playing one another is not one of those matchups. Both organizations are filled with pride and history, and baseball fans everywhere should count their lucky stars any time the Braves and Yankees share a field.


Yankees vs Braves

Whenever the Yankees and Braves are mentioned in the same sentence, it all comes back to the two occasions those teams met in the World Series. The first meeting came in 1996 when Joe Torre led the Yankees past Bobby Cox and the Braves in six games. Three years later, the Yankees and Braves met again in the World Series with the same two legendary managers leading the way. This time, it was a clean four-game sweep for the Yankees, who won their second straight title of what would become three world championships in a row. Those two losses, which were not Atlanta’s only World Series losses that decade, have left Braves fans bitter and always looking for redemption whenever they face the Bronx Bombers.

While these two franchises have both experienced plenty of winning over the years, their stadiums could not be any different. The Yankees, of course, play in Yankee Stadium, which opened in 2009 and was modeled after the previous Yankee Stadium. The Braves, on the other hand, opened SunTrust Park, a new ultra-modern, state-of-the-art stadium in 2017. Of course, both parks have plenty of merits, but in different and distinct ways.


Finding Cheap Yankees vs Braves Tickets

If you’re searching for cheap Yankees vs Braves tickets, your search can end. Every time there is an interleague series between these teams, you’ll be able to look at dates, times, and ticket prices for those games right here. Naturally, you might pay for a little more for a game at Yankee Stadium, but it’ll be worth the price considering how rarely these two teams play.

If you want cheap Yankees tickets so you can see Yankee Stadium, we’ve got you covered, and the same goes for Atlanta Braves tickets if you’re looking to visit SunTrust Park. Just pick a game you want to attend and we’ll do everything to get you the cheapest Yankees vs Braves tickets available so you can experience this showdown between two accomplished franchises in person.

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6/23BronxYankee Stadium$10