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Atlanta Braves Tickets
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Braves vs. Marlins Tickets

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About Braves vs. Marlins

Braves vs Marlins Tickets

There are only a few selected major league teams in the southeastern part of the U.S., which makes it difficult for those teams to develop rivalries based on geographic proximity. But the Miami Marlins and the Atlanta Braves may be the lone exception. They see each other a lot as members of the NL East and there have been a few heated moments between the two teams over the years. Things have never boiled over, but there’s been just enough to create a little healthy tension between them.


Braves vs Marlins

Part of the problem the Marlins have with developing true rivalries is that they are rarely a competitive team. Despite having two World Series banners hanging, Miami has had trouble sustaining success. They get good, make a run at a championship, and then tear the whole thing down to rebuild. During the long rebuilding process, the Marlins tend to get beaten up by the teams in their division, including the Braves, making it hard to forge meaningful rivalries.

The Braves, meanwhile, were the dominant team in the NL East throughout much of the 1990s and early 2000s, the period when the Marlins were first starting out as a franchise. More times than not, these two teams have been on opposite ends of the NL East standings. But on those rare occasions that the Marlins have been good enough to contend with the top teams in the National League, it’s usually been at the expense of the Braves, which means Atlanta knows not to take the Marlins lightly when the two teams face one another.


Finding Cheap Braves vs Marlins Tickets

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