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About Tigers vs. Pirates

Tigers vs Pirates Tickets

One of the most overlooked matchups that interleague play has given baseball fans is the Pittsburgh Pirates and Detroit Tigers. Granted, there isn’t a rivalry between these teams fueled by mutual hatred. However, the cities are fairly close geographically, and the teams do cross paths every season thanks to interleague play. Also, the Pirates and Tigers both make their home in blue-collar cities and are two of the oldest franchises in baseball. With so much in common, the Pirates playing the Tigers is an intriguing matchup that should get fans on both sides excited.

Tigers vs Pirates

Most fans don’t realize it, but there is some history between Pittsburgh and Detroit. The two teams met in the 1909 World Series, which is one of the most underrated Fall Classics in baseball history. Ty Cobb led the Tigers to the World Series for the third straight season and helped to push the series to seven games. However, he was out-shined by Honus Wagner and the Pirates, who took home their first title in franchise history. 

More than a century later, the Tigers and Pirates are still competing against one another, albeit in different stadiums. PNC Park in Pittsburgh has long been one of the most affordable venues in the majors. It also has one of the best views, as most fans getting a glimpse of the Pittsburgh skyline and the Roberto Clement Bridge due to PNC Park’s proximity to the city’s downtown area. Of course, Comerica Park in Detroit is also a downtown ballpark that’s close to everything else the city has to offer. Unlike other stadiums, Comerica Park also has a carousel and Ferris wheel to keep fans entertained throughout the game.

Finding Cheap Tigers vs Pirates Tickets

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