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Brewers vs Dodgers Tickets

After moving from the American League to the National League in 1998, it’s been hard for the Milwaukee Brewers to develop meaningful rivalries with teams. Outside of divisional foes like the Cubs and Cardinals, the Brewers don’t have any bad blood with any of their National League brethren. That being said, there seems to be some potential for Milwaukee to cook something up with the Los Angeles Dodgers, especially after the two met in a competitive and entertaining NLCS in 2018.


Brewers vs Dodgers

In a way, it’s only natural for the Milwaukee to want to spark up a little rivalry with Los Angeles. The Dodgers have long been one of the iconic National League franchises. Their success on the field speaks for itself, as does the long lineage of star players who have worn Dodger Blue. Even in the years when the Dodgers haven’t been the team to beat in the National League, they’ve been a franchise to admire.

When the Brewers joined the National League in 1998, they undoubtedly aspired to become a franchise like the Dodgers. In nearly three decades as part of the American League, Milwaukee reached the World Series just once. The move to the National League gave them a fresh start, although they knew it was teams like the Dodgers that they would have to topple in order to get to the top. Milwaukee nearly did just that in 2018, falling one game short against the Dodgers, who remain one of the gold standard organizations in the National League.


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