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Detroit Tigers Tickets
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Tigers vs. Angels Tickets

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About Tigers vs. Angels

Angels vs Tigers Tickets

It’s hard to find two teams with less in common than the Detroit Tigers and Los Angeles Angels. They’ve never played in the same division, never met in the postseason, and even play in drastically different stadiums. In a way, that’s what can make any Angels-Tigers game a unique experience for fans. There’s no animosity between the teams to get in the way. It’s just pure baseball the way the game it was supposed to be played, and there’s something special about that.

Angels vs Tigers

The Tigers, of course, are one of the oldest teams in the majors. They’ve played in the majors since 1901 and have a long lineage of star players that includes Hall of Famers like Ty Cobb and more recent legends like Miguel Cabrera. The Tigers have also won a few championships along the way and always strive to play winning baseball. That being said, the franchise has also moved into the 21st century with a modern ballpark. Opening in 2000, Comerica Park in downtown Detroit has many unique amenities to keep fans coming back, including a Ferris wheel and a carousel, features you won’t find at many other sports venues.

The Angels, meanwhile, are a younger franchise that’s only been around since 1961. Outside of winning the 2002 World Series, the Halos have struggled to find consistent success on the field. But that doesn’t mean they haven’t had plenty of star players, most notably Mike Trout, who owns multiple MVP awards and is arguably the best player of his generation. Unlike the Tigers, the Angels are content to stick with an older ballpark. Angel Stadium in Anaheim has been the home of the Angels since 1966 but remains an inviting and scenic place for fans to watch a game.

Finding Cheap Angels vs Tigers Tickets

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