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Cincinnati Reds Tickets
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Reds vs. Dodgers Tickets

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About Reds vs. Dodgers

Dodgers vs Reds Tickets

In sports, some rivalries last forever while some fade away with time. The Los Angeles Dodgers and Cincinnati Reds are an example of the latter. For many years, the two teams battled every year for NL West supremacy. Moreover, the two were complete opposites. The Dodgers were a lavish Southern California team while the Reds were a hard-nosed Midwestern club. Even their team colors, Dodger Blue and Cincinnati Red, clashed with one another, helping add to the rivalry. Ultimately, things fizzled after they were placed in different divisions. However, the Dodgers and Reds still face each other a couple of times every season to help remind fans that it was once a great rivalry.

Dodgers vs Reds

From 1969 to 1993, the Dodgers and Reds shared the NL West. During that time, they combined for 13 division titles and four World Series titles. In those 13 years that either team won the division, the other team finished second in the division 11 times. Throughout the 1970s and 80s, it was clear that the Dodgers and Reds were the two best teams in the division. 

In a way, they were the only two teams that mattered, which is why the intensity for every Dodgers-Reds game during that era reached a fever pitch. In 1995, the rivalry was all but put to bed when the two met in the postseason after L.A. won the NL West, and Cincinnati won the NL Central. The Reds swept the Dodgers in the NLDS, getting the last laugh in one of MLB’s best but forgotten rivalries.

Nowadays, the only rivalry between the Reds and Dodgers might be which team has a better stadium. Both teams certainly have a strong case in that debate. Dodger Stadium, despite being one of the oldest stadiums in the majors, gets points for its incredible history and for being the largest baseball-only stadium in the world. Meanwhile, Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati gets points for its mural, mosaic, rose garden, and amazing views of the Ohio River that are visible throughout the stadium.

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