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About Rams vs. Raiders

Rams vs Raiders Tickets

The fact that the Los Angeles Rams and the Las Vegas Raiders aren’t bitter rivals is one of the biggest disappointments in the NFL. Despite both teams relocating on multiple occasions, the two have been in the same state for much of their history and even shared a city for over a decade. Yet the Rams and Raiders have met fewer than 20 times in their history, played only five times during the 13 years they were intra-city foes, and have no real hatred between them. Weird, right? 


Rams vs Raiders

When the Raiders moved to Los Angeles ahead of the 1982 season, the NFL didn’t make enough of an effort to schedule the two teams against each other. They weren’t in the same division or even the same conference, and an all-LA Super Bowl was nothing more than a pipe dream. Simply playing preseason games against one another wasn’t enough to forge a rivalry. In fact, the biggest conflict between the Raiders and Rams in those days was a lawsuit questioning whether or not the Raiders even had a right to move to Los Angeles and try to claim territory previously under Rams ownership.

Nevertheless, there's always hope for the energy between the two to pick up. After all, the bright blue and yellow of the Rams clashes brilliantly with the silver and black of the Raiders. With the Raiders move to Las Vegas in 2020, the two teams will remain in close proximity to one another, leaving the door open for a rivalry to blossom and turn Rams vs. Raiders games into a matchup fans on both sides crave.


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