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Los Angeles Rams Tickets
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Rams vs. 49ers Tickets

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About Rams vs. 49ers

Rams vs 49ers Tickets

With the Los Angeles Rams moving back to Southern California in 2016, it gave their longstanding rivalry with the San Francisco 49ers a shot in the arm. While the two remained division foes while the Rams were in St. Louis, bragging rights inside the state of California are back on the line in this series. Now the Rams-Niners rivalry is an intense Northern California vs Southern California battle that fans on both sides have embraced.


Rams vs 49ers

The ebbs and flows of this particular rivalry have been fascinating to watch over the years. The Rams dominated during the 1970s, going 17-3 against the Niners while also winning seven straight division titles. However, the Niners turned the tables in the 1980s while entering their glory days behind Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. Of course, the Rams began to even things out in the 21st century, so where the rivalry goes from here on out is anybody’s guess.

In addition to competing on the field, the Rams and Niners are in some way battling over what team has the better stadium. The Niners opened Levi’s Stadium in 2014, aiming to set a new standard for both environmental sustainability and fan experience. Meanwhile, the Rams also have one of the newest stadiums in the NFL, moving into SoFi Stadium in 2020. Located in Inglewood, SoFi Stadium is the centerpiece of a massive entertainment complex that provides endless enjoyment for fans both before and after games.


Finding Cheap Rams vs 49ers Tickets

If you’d like to score cheap Rams vs 49ers tickets so you can experience this rivalry first-hand, stay where you are. This is the best site for checking out the dates, times, and ticket prices for the two annual meetings between the California franchises. Of course, with a rivalry this heated, you’re likely to need a little help finding the best deal on tickets, which is where we enter the equation.

Whether you’re hoping for Rams tickets to see the new SoFi Stadium or you prefer 49ers tickets for a game at Levi’s Stadium, we can hook you up. Just let us know whether you want to see the Rams play the 49ers in Southern California or Northern California, and we’ll help you find the cheapest Rams vs 49ers tickets on the market.