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Bears vs. Eagles Tickets

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About Bears vs. Eagles

Eagles vs Bears Tickets

The Philadelphia Eagles and the Chicago Bears are true monsters of the NFL. While these two teams aren’t strictly rivals thanks to how their hometowns aren’t necessarily that close to each other, fans from Philly and fans from Chi-Town love to fight over bragging rights for the best city. When these two teams clash, their powerful offense, masterful defense, and some of the best coaching staff anywhere turn in some real fireworks as a result. With the Eagles and the Bears drawing such a passionate crowd each and every time they play, watching these two big NFL franchises square up against each other is an experience you simply can’t miss!


Eagles vs. Bears

Looking for cheap Eagles vs. Bears tickets? You’re in luck – no matter which venue you choose, you’re going to have a great time. Built in 2003, Lincoln Financial Field in South Philly features ultra-modern styling and cutting-edge amenities. Meanwhile, Chicago’s Soldier Field is a legendary venue in and of itself, opening in 1924 and being the home of the Bears from the 1970s all through the Hurricane Ditka years and beyond.


Finding the Cheapest Eagles vs. Bears Tickets

If you’re on the hunt for cheap last-minute Eagles vs. Bears tickets, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re thinking of getting tickets for Lincoln Financial Field or if you’d prefer to snag some seats at Soldier Field, there’s not much difference in price overall. With both of these venues either built or renovated in recent memory, they're chock-full of awesome amenities – you’re guaranteed to be comfy and ready to enjoy the game no matter where you get your tickets. Yes, Soldier Field might be more than a bit more famous, but price-wise it comes out in the wash. It really comes down to which stadium you’re closer to, though you can’t ignore factors like the weather and the day of week – these always play a role in ticket pricing as well.

Whether you’re looking for cheap last-minute Philadelphia Eagles tickets or you’re curious to see what Bears tickets are going for, we’ve got everything you need right at your fingertips. Choose a matchup, a venue, and a price, and we’ll do the rest to make sure you enjoy the game!