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Arizona Diamondbacks Tickets
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Diamondbacks vs. Cubs Tickets

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About Diamondbacks vs. Cubs

Cubs vs Diamondbacks Tickets

In sports, there are some franchises that wait and wait to win a championship, their fans pining for one every year, and then there are franchises that just go out and win like it’s nothing. Few teams exemplify this better than the Chicago Cubs and the Arizona Diamondbacks. The two franchises could not be more different, and it’s those differences that make them so interesting to pit against one another.


Cubs vs Diamondbacks

The Cubs, of course, are rich with history and tradition but short on championships. They have historic Wrigley Field, where Cubs fans flocked to for a century, waiting for the team to bring home a World Series trophy. It felt like every time they got close or had a team capable of winning a championship, something would go wrong. It was so bad that fans actually believed that there was a curse preventing the Cubs from winning a championship until they finally broke through in 2016.

That’s completely different from the way things unfolded for the Diamondbacks. The D’Backs played their inaugural season in 1998 and found themselves in the playoffs one year later. In 2001, just the fourth season in existence for the club and the fans who frequent Chase Field, the Diamondbacks won the World Series, knocking off historic franchises like the Cardinals, Braves, and Yankees along the way. Compared to the decades of futility the Cubs have endured, Arizona’s first championship seemed almost effortless and a little insensitive to the Cubs and their fans.


Finding Cheap Cubs vs Diamondbacks Tickets

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