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About Cubs vs. Reds

Cubs vs Reds Tickets

While there are surely more intense rivalries in baseball, few go as far back or have as much history as the one between the Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds. The teams met for the first time on April 19, 1890, and despite some name changes along the way, they’ve been enemies on the field ever since. To be fair, neither team considers the other one to be one of their primary or most hated rivals. However, it’s impossible not to take note of all the history exists between the two teams when you see the two uniforms on the same field at the same time.


Cubs vs Reds

In terms of on-field success, the Reds have the edge in this rivalry. Despite a losing record in head-to-head games against the Cubs, they’ve won five World Series titles compared to Chicago’s three. They were also one of the dominant teams in baseball during the 1970s with the Big Red Machine. Meanwhile, the Cubs suffered through decades of futility, failing to win a National League pennant between 1945 and 2016.

However, it’s somehow been the Cubs who are the more popular franchise. They have the iconic ballpark in Wrigley Field, and even when the Cubs were losers, they were considered lovable losers. With the Cubs finally getting good and breaking their championship drought, the Reds must be dealing with a sense of inferiority whenever they meet up with their longtime rivals, as Cincinnati is now the one approaching three decades without a World Series title.


Finding Cheap Cubs vs Reds Tickets

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