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About Angels vs. Rangers

Angels vs Rangers Tickets

If you’re looking for one of the most overlooked rivalries in baseball, look no further than the Los Angeles and Texas Rangers. Both franchises have more immediate regional rivals but somehow have far more animosity for one another than they do for their in-state rivals. The Angels and Rangers both played their first season in 1961 but failed to make much of an impact until the 2000s. The teams decided to get good at the same time, jumpstarting a rivalry that continues to be one of the fiercest in the AL West.


Angels vs Rangers

With their World Series title in 2002, the Angels became the dominant team in the AL West. That didn’t sit well with the Rangers, who fought and scratched their way to the top of the division, finally de-throning the Angels in 2010 and becoming the best team in the AL West for a few seasons. Along the way, the two teams often got into a bidding war for players that sometimes included signing away players from the other team. In addition to feisty battles on the field, the Angels and Rangers also had an infamous altercation during batting practice before a game in 2004.

The rivalry between the Angels and Rangers even extends to their home stadiums. Texas believes that newer is better, opening Globe Life Field in 2020 with the hope that a new ballpark will lead to success on the field. Meanwhile, the Angels are believers that classic never goes out of style. Angel Stadium in Anaheim has been around since 1966, making it one of the oldest parks in the majors. Yet, with regular updates, it remains a favorite among fans.


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