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About Twins vs. Yankees

Yankees vs Twins Tickets

Some rivalries are a fierce intense battle every single time the two teams get together. Of course, not every rivalry can be like that; some are a little more one-sided, which is the case with the New York Yankees and Minnesota Twins. The Yankees are the kind of team that everybody wants to take down, and despite getting plenty of chances, the Twins have struggled to do so. That makes the Yankees one of Minnesota’s rivals, even if the Twins aren’t exactly on the radar of the Bronx Bombers.


Yankees vs Twins

Throughout the 21st century, it seems like whenever the Twins have had a chance to make a postseason run, the Yankees have stood in their way. Between 2002 and 2010, the Twins won six AL Central division titles. However, in four of those six years, their playoff stint was cut short by the Yankees, losing 12 of 14 games against New York in the ALDS. Minnesota’s woes in the Bronx continued when they lost the Wild Card Game to the Yankees in 2017 and were swept by the Yankees in the 2019 ALDS. No matter how good the Twins are, the Yankees always seem to be a little better.

The silver lining for Twins fans is that they’re guaranteed a great venue every time they match up against the Yankees. Since it opened in 2010, Minnesota’s Target Field has been considered one of the best stadiums in the majors with regard to the fan experience. Meanwhile, there are few venues in the majors more iconic than Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, so even if the team doesn’t win, a trip to New York isn’t all bad for Twins fans.


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