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Pittsburgh Pirates Tickets
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Pirates vs. Cardinals Tickets

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About Pirates vs. Cardinals

Cardinals vs Pirates Tickets

It’s no secret that the NL Central is packed with great rivalries. One of the most overlooked rivalries in that division is between the St. Louis Cardinals and Pittsburgh Pirates. To be fair, Pittsburgh’s lack of consistent winning over the years has made it difficult for the Pirates to sustain rivalries at times. But when things are going good, the Pirates and Cardinals are one of the must-watch matchups in the NL Central.


Cardinals vs Pirates

The height of the rivalry between the Cardinals and Pirates came in 2013. The two teams played more than a handful of thrilling games that season, many of them in front of massive crowds. St. Louis ended up winning the NL Central by a few games while the Pirates settled for a Wild Card, only to advance and meet up with the Cardinals for a showdown in the NLDS. The series went the distance, swinging back and forth multiple times, only for St. Louis to end up on top on their way to the World Series.

Even when the stakes aren’t quite that high, both teams have the perfect stadium to watch a rivalry game. St. Louis has the third installment of Busch Stadium, which is a beautiful stadium in a perfect location, adjacent to the dining and entertainment part of St. Louis. The Pirates, meanwhile, have PNC Park, which is in downtown Pittsburgh and offers gorgeous views of the city.


Finding Cheap Cardinals vs Pirates Tickets

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