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Miami Marlins Tickets
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Marlins vs. Phillies Tickets

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About Marlins vs. Phillies

Phillies vs Marlins Tickets

It seems like every team has one opponent that exists only to be a thorn in their side. For the Philadelphia Phillies, that team has long been the Miami Marlins. Ever since the Marlins joined the majors and the NL East, they’ve found a way to get under the skin of the Phillies and their fans. For the Marlins, the Phillies are just another NL East foe, and that reluctance to turn up the heat in the rivalry is just one more thing that bothers Phillies fans every time the Marlins come to town.


Phillies vs Marlins

The thing that bothers the Phillies the most about the Marlins is the way they won two World Series titles in just a little over a decade of existence. The Phillies, on the other hand, have existed in one form or another since 1883 but didn’t win their first World Series until 1980. Then the Marlins come along and win two in 11 years while the Phillies had to wait well over a century to win their second world championship.

If it’s any consolation for Phillies fans, both clubs have beautiful 21st-century ballparks. Philadelphia has Citizens Bank Park, which offers the perfect combination of modern ballpark amenities and historic memorabilia that pays homage to the team’s illustrious past. Marlins Park, meanwhile, is a small but beautiful park that features a retractable roof, aquarium backstop, bobblehead museum, and a wacky home run sculpture that sits beyond the outfield fence.


Finding Cheap Phillies vs Marlins Tickets

If you’d like to buy cheap Phillies vs Marlins tickets, you’ve come to the right place. For all 19 games these two teams face each other every year, not to mention all of the spring training games, this is the best place to get dates, times, and ticket prices for every game. Tickets are usually more in demand in Philadelphia, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get good seats at a fair price.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer Philadelphia Phillies tickets for a game at Citizens Bank Park or Marlins tickets so you can experience all of the unique amenities at Marlins Park. No matter which venue you want to visit, we’ve got you covered. You could even make a trip to both if you wanted to. Just let us know when you want to go and we’ll take care of finding you the cheapest Phillies vs Marlins tickets on the market.