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Atlanta Hawks Tickets
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Hawks vs. Bulls Tickets

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About Hawks vs. Bulls

Bulls vs Hawks Tickets

If NBA fans look closely, they’ll find rivalries where they didn’t think a rivalry existed. A great example of this is the rivalry between the Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Hawks. This pairing doesn’t seem like obvious rivals. However, the Hawks were the first team the Bulls played during their inaugural season. The two also shared a division for nearly a quarter-century starting in 1980. On top of that, there have been several playoff meetings between the Bulls and Hawks, helping to make this one of the most underrated rivalries in the NBA.

Bulls vs Hawks

The peak years for the Bulls-Hawks rivalry came during the 1980s and early 90s. During that time, Chicago and Atlanta were both members of the Central Division. More importantly, the Bulls had Michael Jordan while the Hawks had Dominique Wilkins. On more than one occasion, those two put on a one-on-one show with their teammates, merely playing the role of supporting actors. In fact, during a game in 1987 when the Hawks were still the dominant team in the Central Division, Wilkins scored 34 points, only to be outshined by Jordan’s 61 points in one of the first legendary performances of the greatest player of all-time.

The Bulls-Hawks rivalry is also fueled by two amazing arenas. Chicago’s United Center has the largest capacity of any NBA arena, which means the Bulls always attract big crowds that always expect their team to win. Meanwhile, State Farm Arena in Atlanta is one of the most overlooked venues in pro sports. It has survived a tornado in downtown Atlanta, and after receiving extensive renovations in 2018, State Farm Arena looks as good as new.

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