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About United Center

United Center

The United Center is the primary indoor sports arena in Chicago. It’s home to both the NBA’s Bulls and NHL’s Blackhawks and also hosts countless other sporting events, concerts, and even political rallies like the 1996 Democratic National Convention. The arena originally opened in 1994 and got a much-needed facelift in 2010.


Best Places to Sit at the United Center

For United Center concerts, it’s hard to go wrong with floor seats if you want to be as close to the performer as possible. If that’s not an option, Sections 101, 102, 110, and 111 are located to the side of the stage and will have you fairly close to the performer. Meanwhile, Sections 105, 106, 107, and 208 are a little further away but offer a head-on look at the stage.

At United Center sporting events, Sections 101, 122, 111, and 112 will put you either at center court or center ice and close to the action. However, some people will prefer to be at the 200-level have a clearer view of the entire court. If this is you, Sections 201, 234, 217, and 218 the best options.


Tips for Visiting the United Center

When you head to a United Center event, make sure to stop by to see the statue of Michael Jordan. Just don’t be expecting to get a photo of only you and the statue – there will be dozens of other folks doing the same thing and likely photobombing you.

If you attend a Blackhawks game, don’t be alarmed when the hometown fans clap and cheer through the entire national anthem. It’s a little controversial in certain circles, but it’s something the fans have done in Chicago for Blackhawks games since 1985, so be prepared for it.


Food to Try at the United Center

There are plenty of local favorites to try at United Center events. First up is the Italian beef, a sandwich that extends from the wrist to the elbow on most people. Make sure to get it dipped with hot peppers! The arena is also a great spot to get a Chicago style hot dog – topped with mustard, onions, tomatoes, sport peppers, celery salt and relish... but definitely not ketchup. If there’s still room in your stomach, go for the rather elaborate nachos at the United Center that include melted queso, chorizo, jalapeños, peppers, and cilantro mixed on top of tortilla chips.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is United Center located?

The United Center is located in Chicago's West Loop neighborhood. 


What kind of events does the United Center host?

United Center sports events are primarily basketball and hockey, though the arena is also a hub for many entertainment events and hosts a number of concerts year round.


Which team is playing at the United Center?

The United Center is home to the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks.


Where can I park for free at the United Center?

Finding parking during United Center events can be a frustrating and expensive endeavor if you don’t plan ahead. If you’re willing to walk a few blocks to the United Center, you can find parking that not only allows for an easy exit after a game but also come at a fraction of the cost – though not free. The United Center has 12 official parking lots just outside of the arena, with prices around $22 for general parking reserved in advance.


What is the seating capacity of the United Center?

United Center concerts can hold up to 23,500, while United Center sports events can hold up to 23,000 with standing room. 


Who owns the United Center?

The United Center is owned by in a joint venture between the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks.


How do I get to the United Center using public transport?

If you want to avoid traffic and the hassles of parking, you'll have a number of options that will get you to the arena. Just hop on the Green, Pink, or Blue line of the  Chicago Transit Authority and ride to Ashland or Illinois Medical District, where the arena is a short walk away. 

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