2022 NFL Schedule: Games to Watch Out for, Details, and Tickets

There’s nothing quite like getting your hands on NFL tickets and experiencing pro football in person. Whether it’s your first game or your 100th, it never seems to get old. Fortunately, the 2022 NFL schedule has ample opportunities for fans to see amazing games in person. Obviously, most fans just want to see their favorite team in action. But there are plenty of games that will have universal appeal for fans that don’t have a clear rooting interest. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what figure to be the best games on the NFL schedule during the 2022 season.


Rams vs. Bills, Week 1

This is the first game of the 2022 NFL schedule, so wouldn’t it be a thrill to be in the stadium when the new season kicks off? On top of that, the defending champions, the Rams, are beginning their title defense in a primetime Thursday night game against the Bills. Behind Josh Allen, the Bills are a legitimate contender to win the Super Bowl, while the Rams are surely a candidate as well, meaning the NFL’s season opener is also a potential Super Bowl preview.

Seahawks vs. Broncos, Week 1

The first week of the NFL season also ends with a must-see game on Monday night. The league wasted no time in sending Russell Wilson back to Seattle to face his old team. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of reception he gets from the fans and Seattle and how he handles playing his first game with the Broncos against his former team. On top of that, the Seahawks and Broncos used to be division rivals, making this a rare renewal of that old AFC rivalry. The kicker is that Lumen Field in Seattle has become one of the loudest venues in the NFL, making it a great destination for all NFL fans.

Buccaneers vs. Packers, Week 3

Unfortunately for NFL fans, head-to-head meetings between Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers have been a rare occurrence over the years. Somehow, these two have only shared a field on four previous occasions, including twice during the 2020 season when the Bucs beat Green Bay in the regular season and again during the playoffs on their way to winning the Super Bowl. With Brady starting to flirt with retirement, nobody knows if this will be the last Brady vs. Rodgers game we ever get, which means any NFL fan should jump at the chance to see this game in person.

Buccaneers vs. Chiefs, Week 4

One week after the Brady vs. Rodgers game, the Buccaneers will host the Chiefs in the Sunday night primetime game, giving us a game between Brady and Patrick Mahomes. Fans have already had the privilege of seeing Brady and Mahomes share a field five times in the last four years. These two have put on a show each time, with Brady’s team winning three of the five games, including the Super Bowl two years ago. This is bound to be another classic game between two high-level teams, not to mention another potential Super Bowl preview. But it could also be the last time we see the current GOAT face the potential GOAT.

Ravens vs. Bengals, Week 5

These are two division rivals who don’t like each other. With the Bengals coming off a trip to the Super Bowl, they are the new favorites in the AFC North, which can’t make the Ravens happy. Of course, Baltimore isn’t going anywhere, and if Lamar Jackson stays healthy, these two teams should battle all season for the division crown. That should create an intense and memorable matchup between them in Week 5.


Chiefs vs. Bills, Week 6

Over the last few years, this has become one of the most compelling matchups in football. The Chiefs and Bills are well on their way to forming one of the league’s most fascinating rivalries, especially after how their playoff game ended last season. In fact, these teams have met in the playoffs in the previous two years, with the Chiefs winning both games. Of course, the Bills won at Arrowhead Stadium during the regular season last year, and they will be out to do the same this year as they try to prove to themselves and the rest of the league that they’re ready to become the kings of the AFC.

Chiefs vs. Rams, Week 12

Ever since the epic 54-51 game these teams played against each other in 2018, it’s impossible not to get excited about seeing the Chiefs and Rams cross paths. Even if this year’s meeting doesn’t live up to the shootout from a few years ago, it’ll still be a potential Super Bowl preview between two of the best teams and best offenses in the NFL. After all, the last four Super Bowls have included one of these two teams, so any game between the Chiefs and the Rams is a must-see for NFL fans.

Broncos vs. Rams, Week 16 

What could be better than spending Christmas in Denver watching the Broncos and the Rams? In all likelihood, the Rams will be one of the best teams in the league this year after winning the Super Bowl last season. At the same time, Russell Wilson figures to turn the Broncos into a contender right away. By this stage in the season, both of these teams may be working their way toward reaching the Super Bowl, giving fans a potential Super Bowl preview on Christmas Day.

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