2019 Gold Cup: What to Expect from Mexico's First Match at the Rose Bowl


The CONCACAF Gold Cup is upon us once again, and it’s time to get hyped! All eyes are on Mexico, as the league’s all-time winner is set to stage a comeback after the upset that knocked them out of contention in 2017. This year, Mexico is hoping to come back strong, and the Gold Cup Rose Bowl match on June 15th will be here before you know it. Here’s everything you can expect from Mexico’s first match of the 2019 Gold Cup this year.


The Gold Cup Rose Bowl Doubleheader

The 2019 Gold Cup kicks off on June 15th at the always-exciting Rose Bowl in Pasadena. The action begins with a doubleheader: first, the Canadian men’s national soccer team will take on the Martinique national team. After that, Mexico takes the field to square off against Cuba. It’s a major event, as all four of CONCACAF’s Group A teams will have a chance to shine, and an early victory here sets the stage for the rest of the matches in this elimination round.

With so much on the line, and with Mexico being such a popular team, Gold Cup Rose Bowl tickets are likely to sell at a premium. Last year, the first Gold Cup match played by Mexico was held in San Diego’s SDCCU Stadium. The match nearly sold out, as its 53,000-fan attendance practically met the stadium’s soccer capacity of 54,000. At 60K seats when configured for soccer, the Rose Bowl isn’t much larger – so if you’re on the hunt for Gold Cup Rose Bowl tickets you better know where to look!


The Making of a Legend

While every team starts on even footing at the outset, Mexico is no slouch when it comes to Gold Cup championships. They lead the league with seven wins, the most since 1963 when CONCACAF first began holding the Gold Cup every two years. Yet they lost their chance to add an eighth win in 2017 when Jamaica knocked them out of the semifinals, paving the way for the US men’s national soccer team to take the cup instead. This gave the USMNT their sixth overall win, which means they’re now encroaching on what has otherwise been Mexican territory.

All this history is what makes the Gold Cup Rose Bowl game so important. A solid win at the outset will give Mexico the momentum they need to qualify for the quarterfinals in Houston and continue their push to the semifinals on July 2nd. Winning that match in Arizona will send them to the championships at Soldier Field in Chicago on July 7th. And if the winds are blowing just right, Mexico is likely to face the US for all the marbles, either giving up their bragging rights to the USMNT or solidifying their lead in all-time Gold Cup wins.


The Gold Cup Rose Bowl: Time to Shine

No matter who ends up in the finals at Soldier Field, Mexico still has to get through its qualifiers if they want to take the Gold Cup home for the eighth time. That means the team will need to perform well against the Cuba national team before facing off against the rest of Group A. Odds are that Mexico, who entered the tournament as the heavy favorite, can and will score their first Gold Cup win against the Cubanos. 

But just because Mexico is expected to perform well in their Gold Cup Rose Bowl Match, it’s not gonna be a walk in the park for the team. Group A is a pretty tough bracket, and the up-and-comers from Canada could certainly give Mexico a run for their money this year. With Canada attempting to keep Martinique in check in the first half of the Rose Bowl doubleheader, things could get heated if the Maple Leaf boys end up clashing with El Tri.


Get in on the Gold Cup Rose Bowl Action

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