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Brooklyn Nets Tickets
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Nets vs. Warriors Tickets

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About Nets vs. Warriors

Warriors vs Nets Tickets

For NBA fans, the game is all about star players and amazing arenas. Nowadays, few teams excel in those areas better than the Golden State Warriors and Brooklyn Nets. Both franchises have flashy and exciting new home venues and more stars on their rosters than most planetariums. With both teams checking those boxes, any game between the Warriors and Nets is bound to delight any NBA fan.


Warriors vs Nets

The Warriors, of course, are the latest team in the NBA to cultivate a bonafide dynasty. Golden State’s 2015 NBA title was just the beginning of a magnificent run led by head coach Steve Kerr and star players like Stephen Curry and Draymond Green. Just in case winning wasn’t enough to satisfy the team’s fan base, the Warriors moved into a brand new arena in 2019 called the Chase Center located in San Francisco’s famous Mission Bay neighborhood.

On the other side of the coast, the Nets haven’t created a dynasty, but they’re working on it. The franchise’s move to Brooklyn in 2012 helped to jumpstart a new era that values winning above all else. The acquisitions of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in the summer of 2019 reflect the mission of bringing in star players that can help the Nets win. The cherry on top of the Brooklyn sundae is the Barclays Center, which opened when the team relocated in 2012 and has quickly become one of the premier venues in the NBA.


Finding Cheap Warriors vs Nets Tickets

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Whether you want Golden State Warriors tickets to check out the new Chase Center or you prefer Nets tickets so you can get the Barclays Center experience, we can hook you up. All you have to do is let us know which venue you want to visit, and we’ll make sure you get your hands on the cheapest Warriors vs Nets tickets on the market.